Sunday, June 27, 2010

List, movies, and possible sexism

So, awhile back, a friend of my made a list of what kind of women cretin movies would be

And now, I share the list with you, you lucky bastards!

Blade Runner: Goth chick

Avatar: Surprisingly well-groomed hippie chick

The Star Wars Series: Hot chick who was kind of frumpy in high school

Shaun of the Dead: Nice, normal, closeted Romero fan girl

The Matrix: Leather fetishist/ philosophy major

Transformers: Piercings up the wahzoo

Titanic: Overly romantic, pudgy, middle age women

Die Hard : The best office Christmas party one night stand anybody ever had

Lord of the Rings: Return of the King: Nice night out, but kept prolonging leaving

Jurassic Park: Hot paleontologist

Indiana Jones: Harrison Ford (Not that I"m suggesting that Mr.Ford is a lady, I'm saying that in his prime, he could tempt a man away from Heterosexuality-Hell, he could do that now)

Casablanca: Old flame

Back to the Future: Your mama

Casino Royal: Scary, yet hot younger sister of your ex.

Dr. Strangelove: Nazi/soviet Fetish model

Airplane: Shirley

Godzilla franchise : Anti-nuclear protester that gets into an insane amount of bar fights.

Jaws: enjoys skinny dipping

E.T.: Your cute, 5-year-old cousin

Terminator: Emotionless body builder (or alternately, Summer Glau)

Army of Darkness: The manliness woman you've ever met in the hardware store

Home Alone: Lives in a compound, alone in the middle of the Utah wilderness

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