Sunday, July 29, 2012

more Rogue Space goddies!

Okay, Last Monday, I actual  played Rogue Space for the first time. but I used some house rules for currency , so we didn't have to flip thought the book. Requisition Points.
Each Player gets 4 of them. A L weapon/armor  cost 1 Requisition Point, An M Weapon/armor  cost 2  Requisition points, etc.   Gadgets and Devices work the same way-if you want a computer that gives +1 when hacking , that's +1 RP.  But if want something like a strength enhancing gauntlet, the cost will be a combination of how big the bonus is, and how many times it can be used per day (so a clocking field that adds +2 to your attempts to hide, but only has enough charge for 1 uses per day,  would cost 3 RP) I tend to assume that the PCs automatically have things  like food and oxygen mask etc     

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Mass effect Rogue Space stuff (at long last!)

Hey gang, remember my last post where I said I would post the rest of Rogue Space -Mass Effect stuff latter today? well...there was a fire. And a plague. And horde of Locus. Among other things.
But anyhow, here's the alternate version of the mass effect races to Rogue Space:

Asari: Can use a failed biotic power twice before having to 'push' it OR can take two biotic powers at character creation. Restricted to the  Rogue/scoundrel archetype, with +1 to empathy

Turians are restricted to the warrior/solider  archetype, but get half off weapons and armor at character creation

Korgans are also restricted the warrior/soldier  but get a close range head butt attack (M)

Quirans are technicians, with +1 to repairing, and get an extra +1 when dealing with ship systems. In a addition, they get +1 to damage rolls against synthetic enemies

Salarians are also Technicians, with +1 to Scientific, and can move an extra 5 feet/1 space in movement OR can uses tech powers the same way asari use biotic powers

Humans (optionally) get one extra luck at level 1

I have no idea about what to give the Drell, or the Batarians

anyhow, if you need information on weapons and Biotic/Tech powers, go to Mik's Minis Blog, as I feel he did all the hard work for me. I'll get back to you latter, with some of the house rules I used in my first game