Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Santa Clause Question

My sister was watching The Santa Clause (staring Tim Allen), and a thought came upon me:
In Santa Clause movies, adults never believe in Santa Clause, despite the fact that, in the movie's reality, Santa Clause DOES exist and DOES fly around the world giving kids presents.

Which leads me to my question: Why don't these people realize that Santa Clause exist? I mean, where do they think the presents-that didn't buy, and yet somehow appear under the tree on Christmas morning -come form? What are they told? Do they think that government welfare ninja's break into their homes and deliver the gifts? Is it a case of mass denial? Or mass cover-up? Why would the governments of the world refuse to acknowledge Santa's existence? I'm mean, I could understand non-Christian theocratic nations, like Iran, or Atheist communist nations like the Soviet union, but why everywhere else? Do they just not like admitting that thousand-year old fat man can slip past all their security measures and Defenses?

Or is it something else? Could it be that whatever mystic mumbo-jumbo Santa uses to travel around the world in one night and get in to any house also alter the memories of parents so that they think that they bought the gifts? What about physical proof, like used wrapping paper and gift receipts and other physical evidence, such as video footage of them buying the presents? Are those just hyper real hallucinations, or can the spell alter reality as well? If so, why would St. Nick go out of his way to deny himself credit? Hell, if you can change the past, why even bother going around the world in the first place, if you can alter history so that the gifts you're going to deliver are already there? Why did I write two whole paragraphs containing nothing but questions?

I've put too much thought in to this