Sunday, October 31, 2010

I cross the Nerd Event Horizon

Yesterday, Me and a few of my friends played Risus: The Anything RPG, (Which is complete free). Now, the main reason I've never played Rpgs before was cost ( "Why do I have to buy six $30.00 rulebooks and $10.00 wroth of dice, when they're just going to replace it with a new edition in two years anyway?") , generic settings("oh, not another goddamn ork") and too much math based rules ( "I just want to stab a dragon in the face, not do long division !).

Risus solves all this problems-the rule book is only seven pages long(and free) it can easily be adapted to any setting(and it's free) and it's easy to play( and did I much it's free?) and it's F*&#ing nuts.
This is a game were you can be an drunk ninja fairy princess as long as you can justify it, or at lest be really funny.

Come on, in our game, my friend killed an interdenominational demon by shoving incests candles into it's open wounds and lighting them, causing an explosion.

I got to jet-pack tackle a robot out of an airship window!
Serious, I gave you a link -go right now!

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