Sunday, October 26, 2008

Two post for the Pirce of One!

Yesterday, went to the Library, and got some books so I could do something other watch paint dry. Some of them were:

Prometha Book 3 By Alan Moore and J.H. Williams III (yes their is a "III" at the end of his name)

Combined this series with Grant Morrison's run on Doom patrol and you've completely eliminated my need for substance abuse to have my mind blown

Seriously, the whole series is just like being shot in the face with a shot gun loaded with symbolism and tarot cards. And LSD.

Batman: Absolution By J.M. Dematteis and Brian Ashmore

This story is about Batman's 10 year search for a terrorist who bombed a Wayne Enterprises building , while wondering if it possible for a person to change and earn redemption
Now this is a great story, and the art is top-notch but the lettering is....

It's so damn small. You have to squint a little to see what they're saying
other than that, its a good read, with great art

Catwoman: wild ride By Ed Brubaker and Cameron Stewart

You know, a few years back I wouldn't be caught dead reading this for fear of catching "the Gay". Now that I'm several years older and less of a Fucking idiot, I've decided to give this a shot. It's the kind of quality you'd expect form the man you brought back Bucky without it being a disaster, and Stewart's art has this Cooke-like feel to it. Recommend

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