Sunday, November 2, 2008

Notes on November

Today, I was walking in Wal-mart, observing all the Christmas lights on sale, and the Christmas music despite the fact that Thanksgiving was just around the Conner.

Witch got me thinking, Thanksgiving is the black sheep of the Holiday Family.

It's ignored because it doesn't mean you get free stuff, or a nice sense of theater,or have the advantage of having a really cool guy return from dead on the same day as some roman festival

It's the bastard love child dad had with a Meth-addicted stripper while he and mom were
going through a rough patch.
It's the quiet guy that's invited to the family reunion, but no one talks to because he never brings as much to the pot luck.

It's like The Federal Government just said"Damn, you need some more days off, let's make that time we had a party with the natives before giving them small-pox and stealing there land a national Holiday!"

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