Sunday, December 27, 2009

Marry (late) Chirstmas: Here's a poem

‘Twas the Night before Christmas

And all through out the planet

Only one creature was stirring

Causing horror and Panic

For to night of all nights

The Stars were all right

To awaken Chutulu

And start endless fright

Chutulu emerged, from his slumber

Deep with in the Sea

And onto land he lumbered

Causing all Hell to break free

Across the nation

Cultists shouted with glee,

Killing and rapping

In mad ecstasy

The Deep ones, from Innsmouth

Arose from sea beads

And celebrated the occasion

With some Fried human heads

But what’s this?

A fat man, all dressed up in red!

He’s approaching Chutulu!

Does he wish he was Dead?

Oh, look! He’s rolling up his sleeves!

Is he going to try hit Chutulu?

Is that what this means?

And the Men in reds’ fits

Hit there target with a mighty BASH

And Great Chutulu flew back into sea

Returning with a Splash

And so here’s a quick message,

To all old God’s of the night

Be good this Christmas

Or Santa will punch out your lights

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