Wednesday, July 25, 2012

More Mass effect Rogue Space stuff (at long last!)

Hey gang, remember my last post where I said I would post the rest of Rogue Space -Mass Effect stuff latter today? well...there was a fire. And a plague. And horde of Locus. Among other things.
But anyhow, here's the alternate version of the mass effect races to Rogue Space:

Asari: Can use a failed biotic power twice before having to 'push' it OR can take two biotic powers at character creation. Restricted to the  Rogue/scoundrel archetype, with +1 to empathy

Turians are restricted to the warrior/solider  archetype, but get half off weapons and armor at character creation

Korgans are also restricted the warrior/soldier  but get a close range head butt attack (M)

Quirans are technicians, with +1 to repairing, and get an extra +1 when dealing with ship systems. In a addition, they get +1 to damage rolls against synthetic enemies

Salarians are also Technicians, with +1 to Scientific, and can move an extra 5 feet/1 space in movement OR can uses tech powers the same way asari use biotic powers

Humans (optionally) get one extra luck at level 1

I have no idea about what to give the Drell, or the Batarians

anyhow, if you need information on weapons and Biotic/Tech powers, go to Mik's Minis Blog, as I feel he did all the hard work for me. I'll get back to you latter, with some of the house rules I used in my first game   

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