Sunday, July 29, 2012

more Rogue Space goddies!

Okay, Last Monday, I actual  played Rogue Space for the first time. but I used some house rules for currency , so we didn't have to flip thought the book. Requisition Points.
Each Player gets 4 of them. A L weapon/armor  cost 1 Requisition Point, An M Weapon/armor  cost 2  Requisition points, etc.   Gadgets and Devices work the same way-if you want a computer that gives +1 when hacking , that's +1 RP.  But if want something like a strength enhancing gauntlet, the cost will be a combination of how big the bonus is, and how many times it can be used per day (so a clocking field that adds +2 to your attempts to hide, but only has enough charge for 1 uses per day,  would cost 3 RP) I tend to assume that the PCs automatically have things  like food and oxygen mask etc     

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