Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pacific Rim Accelerated v2

 Inspired by "magical girls with Mecha" game Princess Drive I've decided to edit my Pacific Rim conversion for Fate Accelerated.

Now, things like the piloting the Jaeger (each ranger/PC rolls 2 fate dice each) and the Jaeger's Approaches (the Rangers/PC's Approaches are added together, and divided by 2, rounded up if needed) are still the same. BUT the Jaeger itself, instead of being a random collection of aspects and stunts, has a stress track,  can take consequences, and has a stunts/aspects the same way a Ranger does. A Ranger can choose to take stress/consequences in the Jaeger's place-but if he/she gets taken out, then the remaining PC only rolls 2 dice, to show how difficult it is to pilot a Jaeger solo (I'm thinking putting some other disadvantage to solo piloting, like you take 1 automatic stress at the end each turn, but I'm afraid that'll make it too difficult)

As for character advancement, a player can choose to advance/alter his Jaeger in the place of his Ranger (with the permission and agreement of his partner, of course), with the exception of the Jaeger's approaches, which are depended on the ranger's. Same thing during character creation-you want your Jaeger to have a  fourth stunt? You're going to have give up one of yours. No, you can't spend one of your free stunts on the Jaeger, or vice-versa. Free stunts can only be spent on the PC/Jaeger who had them originally    

I was also thinking of making Kaiju be defined by their category: A Cat-3 Kaiju would have +3 to all actions, have a 3-block stress track, take 3 consequences, etc.  This would be simpler to generate, but I'm worried that the GM will have to bust out the big kaijus way too early (depending on how close you want to stick to canon).    

I might create some sample Jaegers/Kaiju latter (by "Latter" I mean "Judgement Day") so stay tuned! (Unless you have something better to do. Hell, I'm not going anywhere)

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