Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Go big or go extinct: The Fate Accelerate Pacific Rim conversion

This builds up on the FAE mecha rules previously posted. 
  When inside the Jaeger, both pilots add together their Approaches, and average them out. Each ranger only uses 2 fate dice instead of 4-both results are taken together. 
When taking stress, both players take an equal amount-unless on player decides to take an additional stress or 1 stress and one consequence (Thinking of switching this to just taking a consequence) . If one pilot is knocked out, then the other continues to use only two dice, to represent the strain of piloting a jaeger solo.
I haven't decided how to handle fate points yet-do the PC's pool and spend them together when invoking? Does the GM give both of them a fate point when compelling, or just person's whose aspect he's using?(I'm leaning towards the second, as the compel effects both of them)     

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