Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rogue space -mass effect

I've been recently  been messing with this rules light RPG called   Rogue Space , a space opera game, very easily customizable, and I thought to myself 'wouldn't  this be great for a Mass effect game?' apparently, somebody else had  the same idea! Now, I like how this guy handled weapons, biotics, and tech powers, (and see no reason to change any of it)  but not some much how he handled races-their's only three of them and they seem a bit over powered...So I've decided to post my versions of the mass effect species.

Now, I have two 'versions' of my mass effect race write-up (try saying that 10 times fast) : one is done the way main rules suggest you do alien races: restrict them to one archetype (class, basically) but give them a special ability to make up for it, and a more 'DnD' kind of way-giving each race +1 in one attribute, but -1 in another , with humans having no advantage or disadvantage, letting anybody be any archetype. I'm going to post the second kind first-more balanced, easier to type

Asari: +1 empathy, -1 fighting   

Korgan: +1 hit points, -1 empathy

Salarian : +1 scientific, -1 repairing

Qurian: +1 repairing, -1 acquiring

Drell: +1 acquiring, -1 scientific

Turian: +1 fighting, -1 acquiring

will probably post the alternate versions latter today, and check out the sample rules!   It comes with a mini adventure generator 

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