Thursday, July 4, 2013

FAE Mecha

I just recently got my physical  copy of Fate Accelerated (also available in pay as you want electronic  format), and sense everyone and there mother is hacking it. I decides to due the same:
So, here's my Mech hack, inspired by/ripped off from Robotech FAE and Camelot Trigger

First create your character like normal. Then create your mech: A mech has 1-2 Aspects (like 'Untested prototype', 'old rust bucket' or 'powered by passion!') and 2-3 stunts (like 'Defensive Fencer: I get +2 when flashily defending against a beam saber attack') representing it's systems and abilities . These Stunts/Aspects are only available in your mech

In the place of taking  stress or consequences, you can choose to 'shut down' or 'disable' your mech's aspects/stunts.To negate 2 Stress (or a mild consequence) shut down one system.  To negate 4 stress (or a moderate consequence) your opponent decides what system to shut down. To negate 6 stress (or a severe consequence) you must shut down two systems-you pick one, your opponent picks one.

These rules can also apple to Kamen rider/Power ranger-esque super heroes- getting your systems shut off represent being beaten back into normal form

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Chris Beilby said...

Sam, I would like to use this hack for a possible FAE World of Adventure or Powered by FATE publication. Do I have your permission, and which licensing agreement would you prefer (OGL or Creative Commons?)